Stuart Peter Smith  AJS
I was contacted by close friend of mine who knows I love my British motorcycles, he plays in a band with his friend Ray, many years ago Ray was a Saturday boy at Halfords and worked with Stuart, when the AJS broke down Ray purchased it, Ray’s father took on the AJS and striped the engine, he purchased most of the parts required to repair it, but stored the bike away with engine carefully stored in boxes, the last tax disc on the bike is for Dec 1963, the AJS was stored away as a 3 year old bike, and even has its tool kit and a lock and chain but alas no key, I also discovered a small St Christopher badge had been glued to the top of the right front fork.

I brought the bike home on the 27th of may 2019, work commenced immediately on the engine, upon inspection several parts were found to be damaged, the con rod and both valves required replacement, the rest of the engine internals having very little wear, there was a damaged gear lever return spring in the gearbox, I hope to have the engine finished shortly, the only delay so far has been tracking down a hard to find inlet valve.


The bike is an AJS 350 lightweight contact me on

Bruce Honey
 Stuart Peter Smith  AJS
GHC arriving
 Stuart Peter Smith  AJS
GHC on stand