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Meads Neighbourhood Panel
Meads Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator Roy Peacock.

Email the Meads Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator:
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I have heard that there were thieves about in the St Johns / Granville Road area overnight on the 27/28th March 2017.
A quantity of lead flashing was stolen from a garage terrace roof on the corner of Granville and St John's.
The thieves made their way in via the side/back garden of the next door property of Normanhurst, St John's Road.
They might have been disturbed as they left with only half of the lead, but might be back.
The police have been informed of this incident.
Please take note and warn anyone else with some lead on garages, or on any of their roofs or outhouses to be vigilant, and, if you or they see anything suspicious, to report it to the Police, using "999" if the incident is live.
If reporting an incident that has occurred then use "101" or email to
Uploaded 01 April 2017 13:24

Garage Break-ins
Our PCSO Brian Burton told me today (06.01.16) that there has been a number of garage break-ins again, some in Meads.
Wellsmead Place (off Meads Road), which has an isolated block of garages has been targeted. While it seems nothing was taken the manner in which entry was gained is a cause for concern.
The block of garages have automated doors which would normally stop them being opened by thieves.
So it suggests that the potential thieves may have a means of disengaging the cable on the door from the motor to open it - in the same way that the owner would in an emergency if the motor failed. This means that, although much safer, residents cannot rely solely on their automated doors to stop an attempted break in, and while perhaps inconvenient, should use the garage locks as well where fitted, or have some fitted if any items inside are valued.
As other garage break-ins have occurred in the Seaside area, it looks like the opportunists are out and about just keep an eye out for anything suspicious and report your views to the police on "101" or by internet to :

Let's have a Happy and safe New Year.
Uploaded 07 January 2016 14:06

Rogue trader warning from Neighbourhood Watch
" Police in Eastbourne are warning residents to be on their guard for rogue traders after a recent incident elsewhere in the town.
Four men called at a house and told the occupants that work needed to be done to the property. One man started to remove some tiles from a roof, while another kicked over a garden wall - they then demanded money from the occupants to fix the 'problems' they had identified.
Rogue traders pretend to be 'qualified' builders or tradespeople.
They often call unannounced, particularly targeting vulnerable people, and deliberately overcharge for unsatisfactory goods and services.
This can include charging for unnecessary work and damaging property deliberately in order to obtain money.

Police Community Support Officer Stephen Parsons said: 'Police advice is to never buy goods and services from people calling unexpectedly at your door.
Use a spy hole, chain or window to check before answering and always ask for proof of identity.
If you have any doubt - keep them out.
If you are suspicious about a caller inform police on 101 or in an emergency dial 999.'

You can find out more information about Trading Standards here".
Uploaded 07 December 2015 11:03

There have been reports recently of opportunistic doorstep Cold Callers looking for odd jobs or to view/purchase any antique property. Remember to keep doors and windows closed and locked when absent from the home in this warmer weather even if you are enjoying the garden, perhaps a barbeque and distracted from goings-on elsewhere.

And, there has also been telephone callers portraying themselves as Microsoft offering to clear Windows problems and others offering help with PPI and Motoring accident claims. It appears that the more elderly of our community are being targeted with such calls.

In all types of cold calling approaches,- Avoid dealing with them. As with other forms of personal dealings, it is better the devil you know than the one you don't.

Three of our Meads NW Scheme Coordinators have moved away and I am seeking replacement volunteers to keep the Schemes running. Anyone willing to volunteer help in the Meads Ward please contact me
Uploaded 03 August 2015 09:21

Cars parked in Beachy Heads Road have been entered these past few nights.
The incident(s) have been reported to the Police.
Should you or anyone you know see anyone/anything suspicious please call the Police on 101 or 999 if it is in progress.
These incidents are reminiscent of earlier car entries in our Meads Ward when a female and male were noticed and reported, trying car door handles.
Some instances proved successful in the event; cars were entered and items removed.
Those residents with vehicles not garaged should pay particular attention to leaving anything in them that they value when parked.
Uploaded 19 Feb 2015 12:17

Burglary in Gaudick Close Meads
"Just after midnight on Thursday 5th February (into the early hours of Friday 6th), there was a burglary to a property in Gaudick Close, Eastbourne.
It would appear that a male gained entry via an insecure front door.
The trail picked up by a police dog indicated that the burglar had been around various nearby properties - presumably looking for insecurities, and confirming that this was an "opportunistic" offence. Furthermore, it's been reported that a suspicious male was seen just before noon on Friday 6th February in Granville Road.
The report suggested that this male may have also been looking for insecure buildings/cars, though no crimes have been reported in this connection. In view of the foregoing, residents are reminded to ensure that their homes/cars are properly secured to help prevent them from becoming the victim of an opportunistic crime.
If you have any concern or suspicion after reading these words, please contact Sussex Police on 101 or reportonline with any information you have."
Uploaded 11 Feb 2015 12:49

Volunteers needed for NW in Eastbourne and Meads Ward
The growth of Eastbourne Neighbourhood Watch Schemes is now such that the Committee is seeking volunteers.
Volunteers are urgently required to ensure that our Eastbourne neighbourhood is kept up to date with the latest criminal activities in the borough. Working with the Police has seen a reduction in crime especially where NW Schemes are in place.

A Volunteer(s) to undertake to coordinate the NW Schemes in the Devonshire Ward would be much appreciated. It would involve participating in the Committee evening meetings up to six times a year and if possible, attending the Annual General Meeting. Then quarterly, there is the packaging and distribution of the Eastbourne Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter to the Coordinators within the Ward.

We also want Volunteers to help quarterly, to package the Eastbourne Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter and help with the distribution of the packages in conjunction with Ward Coordinators, to the Scheme Coordinators within the Wards.

If you would like to volunteer for any of this important neighbourhood work, please phone John or Pam on 01323 507665 or
Or, in the case of volunteers for Meads Ward, please contact Roy Peacock on 01323 647729 or
Uploaded 30 Jan 2015 09:47

Help us fight the Del Boy trade in stolen items

Police are urging second hand businesses to join them in a campaign to reverse the Del Boy effect in Sussex.
Handling stolen goods is a serious offence that carries a maximum sentence of 14 years imprisonment but research suggests one in four people would buy stolen items if they were offered them cheaply enough - despite the fact the products may have been stolen from families or businesses in their community.
The study by insurance company LV= also revealed that burglars often break into homes looking for specific brands of goods that they know they can sell quickly and easily to people willing to buy them without asking questions about where they came from.
Police hope to make burglary less profitable to thieves by working with second hand dealers to remove the market for stolen goods in the county and encouraging residents to ask themselves if the price they are being offered is too good to be true.
The aim is to leave burglars with nowhere to go to sell the items that they steal so that they decide that committing the crime is not worth it and give up breaking into homes and businesses.
PCSOs and police officers will be visiting second hand shops across the county to encourage them to carry out a series of checks on every purchase they make that could have been stolen. Traders can use the online Checkmend system to compare items they are offered with goods listed by police or victims as stolen on the national mobile property register (NMPR). They are also being encouraged to make sure purchases are done in view of CCTV cameras and to take and keep the details of anyone they buy items from - passing any suspicions they have to police. Firms that agree to sign up to the checks will be given posters to display to thieves that they will check to see if any items they are offered are stolen.

Detective Chief Inspector Paul Betts said: "The fact is that these offenders make their living by selling the stolen possessions of others. They are not victimless or blameless - they are part of a problem that causes real pain to people. We are appealing to the public to think when they are offered items that seem to be a great deal. If the price is too good to be true the items are probably stolen - so don't buy them. You do not have to know that something is stolen to commit an offence if you buy it - just believing that it could be stolen is enough."

"If you are found with a stolen item you could be arrested and prosecuted. It is also likely that we will seize the item from you and you will lose not only the money you have paid but the item as well, so it will no longer seem such a good deal. We can all do our bit to reduce burglary by making the market for stolen goods dry up."

Modern technology means it is far easier to track stolen items, particularly stolen electrical items. Owners can log the details of their items on the Immobilise website so that objects recovered can be checked against the register. Owners can also download software for some items that allows them to trace where their goods are if they are stolen.
Residents are being asked to follow a set of tips so they don't buy stolen goods themselves, including
* Think. Is the price too good to be true? If it is too cheap it may be stolen
* Don't buy from cold callers who turn up on your doorstep
* Always take photographic ID from whoever they buy from, so that if items turn out to be stolen you can tell police who sold them
* Think carefully before buying expensive items from market stalls or car boot sales
* Be wary of people selling more than one expensive second hand item.

If you have any information about burglaries, please call 101 or email If you see or hear a burglary taking place call 999 immediately. Residents can also being encouraged to register their items on the world's largest property database so that if they are stolen, they can be reunited with the owners - and so the offenders can be prosecuted.
You can register your property in just a few minutes by visiting To watch a video about Immobilise and how it works, visit
To join a Neighbourhood Watch group where you live please visit or speak to your local neighbourhood policing team.
For more advice visit Meetings, events and local officer details
For your local officer's contact details, information about local events and meetings and actions being taken regarding your priorities click here
Uploaded 19 Jan 2015 16:45

Eastbourne Police warn of increase in phone scams
Sussex Police
Eastbourne Neighbourhood Policing Team
14 January 2014
Eastbourne Police would like to issue a warning to residents, especially the elderly and anyone living alone, as there is currently an increase of crime in which phone callers posing as police officers or bank staff ask for bank and card details.

There has been a recent rise in this crime across the Sussex Force area, and elsewhere in the country. The fraudsters call the intended victim claiming to be from either the police or a bank. They tell them that their card details have been fraudulently used and that they need to act urgently to protect themselves. They suggest that they hang up and ring the bank or police back to ensure that the call is genuine.

Don't be fooled - they stay on the line and pretend to be the police or the bank. They then tell the intended victim to key in or read out their PIN number.
They then send a taxi or courier, who may know nothing about the crime, to collect the bank card. With this and the PIN they will then have full access to spend your money. Sergeant Gareth Evans said: "Under no circumstances would the police or your bank request your PIN number over the telephone or arrange collection of your bank cards from your home address in this manner. Never give out your bank details to someone who has contacted you on your home phone unsolicited."
If you have any suspicions, please do not use the phone you have just been called on to contact the police or your bank. If possible use another phone to contact the police to report it, or to contact a friend to relative to alert them. Alternatively, wait for at least half-an-hour before trying to ring.
"I would urge anyone reading or hearing this message to pass it on to any friends and relatives who may not be aware of this particular type of targeted fraud, to prevent any vulnerable friends or family members from becoming victims."

"Eastbourne Police want to encourage everyone to continue to resist these callers, so if you have any information, whether you have received similar calls or know someone who has been a victim of this crime, contact Sussex Police via 101 or email
quoting Operation Edisto. You can also call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111."
For on-line advice on fraud prevention, go to,-scams-and-financial-issues/what-can-i-do-to-prevent-fraud
If you would like more information for crime prevention of scams, please contact your Local Policing Team who will be able to issue with a Big Book of Scams booklet. Meetings, events and local officer details
For your local officer's contact details, information about local events and meetings and actions being taken regarding your priorities click here
Uploaded 16 Jan 2015 09:44

Mugged in Lower Darley Road
More information of this case appears in the Herald newspaper Friday 05th December on page 18.
At 3.40pm on Monday an 88 year-old woman was walking along Dalton Road when a male wheeling a cycle brushed past her, knocking her to the ground.
She then realised that he had taken her bag which had been on her arm. It contained a small quantity of cash and some cards.
The male is described as white with brown hair and was wearing light coloured jeans and a dark top.

If you saw or know anything about this incident please call the Police on 101 giving reference 818 of 1/12
Another option is to contact the police on email :

At this time of the year there is an increased likelihood of such incidents. Stay aware and alert at all times.
Uploaded 05 Dec 2014 14:48

Late Evening Callers
There has been a spate of callers late evening claiming to be doing so on behalf of UNICEF. They seek a donation and ask for a direct debit monthly payment. This means giving bank details to strangers at the door which we strongly advocate one should not do.
Contact with UNICEF on 0207 490 23881 confirmed they had representatives in Eastbourne. Please call the number if you are harassed or concerned about after dark callers.

Just a reminder on the lead up to the Festive period to make certain that the home looks occupied with lights and/or a radio on while away from it. Also, remember not to leave items on view especially presents. Incidents of home burglaries is low in Meads but elsewhere across Sussex that is not the case.
Invisible marking of valuable items in the home with photographs is a helpful means by which items may be identified by the Police when recovered after being stolen. Take care of your possessions and yourself through preventative thoughts about what could happen and appropriate action
Uploaded 03 Dec 2014 10:28

A male has called at a door in Meads asking for money.
He does this under the pretence of his credit card 'not-working'.
He is described as Eastern European, between the age of 35-45 years, unshaven, big brown eyes, slim build, 5'10", not scruffy.
He called at an address in Dalton Road, and was unsuccessful in this attempt.
If you are or become, aware of this happening please ensure that it is reported on "101" or on : .
If it is actually happening in your neighbourhood then please call "999". It may may be something or nothing but it is not what we expect.
Uploaded 24 April 2014 10:03

There were several thefts from cars in Eastbourne over the weekend. On Saturday 29 March an ipod and mini radio were stolen from a car in the NCP car park, Junction Road. A window was smashed to gain access.
On Sunday 30 March a sat nav and an ipod were stolen from a car parked outside Tesco Express in Seaside Road. Again, a window was smashed to gain access.
Also on Sunday an MP3 player was taken from an insecure vehicle in Helvellyn Drive.
Sussex Police want to put out the following crime prevention advice:
* Always lock your car - for however short a period of time
* Remove valuables from the car - don't hide things in the glove box
* Wipe off any tell-tale sat nav marks left behind on your windscreen
* Double check the central locking has worked and your car is secure
* Where possible, park your vehicle in a busy, well-lit area
* If a vehicle is left insecure it only take 10 seconds for your valuables to be stolen.

Uploaded 02 April 2014 12:48

I have just been alerted by our local PCSO Brian Burton that there have been reports these last two days of telephone callers claiming to be checking on Credit Card use.

They give a name, organisation (eg fraud squad) and telephone number and say that a credit card has been used believed to be that of the person called. Followed by would you be so kind as to give the details of the cards you hold for the purposes of checking.

Our NW message as always is : On no account or under any circumstances give details of bank/credit cards to an unknown caller. The Police, Banks or Credit Card Companies would not call to ask for them.

If you receive such a call, please report it to the Police with details of day and time, and as many other facts as possible.

Uploaded 19th Mar 2014 16:48

Eastbourne Police are investigating 3 reports of street robberies in the early hours of the morning Tuesday 4th March in the town centre where the victims had left a nightclub alone.
Whilst the victims were not University students this was a student night. This has also occurred previously on a Wednesday night, again a student night. Police urge students to take the following advice to prevent themselves from becoming victims of crime.

Don't leave the nightclubs alone, travel home in pairs or more
If you reside in the Welkin Halls use the free bus service
If you reside elsewhere in the town use taxis
Try to avoid walking home or going into areas outside of the town centre CCTV coverage during the early hours
Don't carry expensive smartphones, it's better to have a cheap almost disposable phone for your nights out to reduce the risk of being identified as a target It is however good to have a phone with you to call for assistance if you feel vulnerable. Avoid using your phone inside the clubs or outside where offenders can identify you as a target. Don't carry quantities of cash with you,
Know your limits, drink sensibly so that you can protect yourself
Look after your friends and ensure they follow the above advice
Taking these simple steps reduces the risk of you becoming a victim of crime.
Uploaded 9th Mar 2014 15:55

At the Meads Neighbourhood Panel meeting on 5th February, Burglary replaced Cycling on Pavements including the Promenade, as a top three issue for the Police. This followed a report by Sgt. Julian Williams on burglary and attempted entry incidents in Meads Ward over the last few weeks.

The majority of incidents occurred during daylight hours. Some arrests have been made.
Our PCSO Brian Burton passed the following relevant information to me on 6th February.
Perhaps you may be able to help identify the intruder.

"Today, just before 7am, an intruder was reported inside a block of flats in Darley Road, Eastbourne.
Although no damage/breaks were found, an unknown male was seen leaving the location, and his description is as follows;

A white male, aged in his 30's, 6ft 1in tall, wearing a baseball cap and navy blue waterproof jacket with a grey band across the back."
If you have any information to add to this please ring 101 and report the details and get a Reference Number.
Uploaded 7th February 2014 10:17

Bicycle thefts
Last night (15.01.2014) 4 pedal cycles were stolen in Eastbourne in separate incidents. Two of the bikes were unlocked. Please see the following advice from Sussex Police on how to protect your bikes: When not using your bike always secure it using a sturdy bike lock (D locks or combination locks are best). We recommend that you spend a quarter of the bike's value on a decent lock or chain.

If leaving your bike in public, lock it to something secure like a bike rack or lamppost. If there are no bike racks, contact your local council to ask if they can put some in. If you chain it to railings, make sure it's not causing an obstruction for pedestrians or other road users.
Make the lock and bike difficult to manoeuvre when parked - keep the lock away from the ground and keep the gap between the bike and lock small. This makes it much harder to cut through. When parking your bike at home try to keep it out of public view in a secure shed or garage.
Take out insurance, either by extending your home contents insurance or through a separate policy.
Any removable items such as lights or pumps should be taken with you when you park up your bike.

You can register your bike and get advice on security marking other items via the Immobilise website at

Uploaded 21st January 2014 09:41

House Burglaries
Last weekend two Eastbourne properties were burgled overnight where the intruder(s) gained access through unlocked front doors. A laptop, tablet, Iphone and Blackberry were stolen from a house in Elgar Way and a playstation taken from a property in Walton Close. Both offences occurred in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Last night (15.01.2014) there was a break to a shed in Sandown Close and a quantity of tools were stolen. Access to the garden was gained via an unlocked side gate.
Most burglaries are committed by opportunist thieves. In two out of ten burglaries no force is used, they simply enter through an open door or window.
Try looking at your home through a burglar's eyes - look for places they could break in unseen: how strong are your locks on both the windows and doors: are there high hedges, trees or fences for the opportunistic thief to hide behind?
Make it harder for thieves to access your garden by fitting good quality padlocks to side gates.
Secure your shed with strong hinges and a good padlock. Consider a battery operated alarm or even extending your house alarm.
Security mark all tools and fittings, including garden furniture.
Check that your household insurance policy covers theft from your garden and outbuildings.
Uploaded 21st January 2014 09:41

Eastbourne burglaries - police warning and advice
There has been an increase in the number of burglaries in Eastbourne recently. Most of these crimes have taken place overnight but some occurred during the day. Homes, business premises and garages have all been targeted.

Police are advising property owners to ensure their premises are left fully secured when not occupied.

Inspector Damen Funnell of the Eastbourne Neighbourhood Policing Team said "Whilst the overall crime rates remain low I would urge all residents and business owners to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity to Sussex Police on 101. If you think a crime is about to happen or is in progress please dial 999. "You can also contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.
"I want to reassure the community that the police are doing all they can to deter and catch those responsible by putting on extra patrols".

Sussex Police offer the following crime prevention advice to help protect your homes and businesses:

* Use an automatic time switch on an indoor light, either in a room that cannot be peered into from the road, or upstairs. Regularly change the timing on the switch.
* Put a time switch on a radio that has been tuned to a chat station, this will give the impression that the house is occupied. Regularly change the timing on the switch.
* Fit security lighting, either dusk to dawn energy efficient lighting that will come on automatically as dusk sets in, or brighter passive infrared activated lighting drawing attention to movement.
* Ensure that gates or access to the rear of the house are locked and secure. Don't forget to lock your shed; your tools can be used to break in.
* Trim overgrown plants - don't give burglars a hiding place.
* Secure windows, paying particular attention to those on the ground floor and above flat roof areas. Use locks and bolts and keep all your keys, including car keys, out of sight and out of reach.
* Property-mark your valuables by using your postcode and your house number or name. Some articles are unsuitable for marking so photograph them - with a ruler in view to show scale.
* Intruder alarms are an effective deterrent against burglars. Before choosing a system ensure it is the one most suitable for your needs.
Uploaded 21st January 2014 09:41

Fraudsters try to steal thousands of pounds from elderly people
Police are issuing a fresh warning about fraudsters phoning elderly people and posing as police officers.
Gangs of fraudsters are targeting vulnerable members of the community and trying to trick them into handing over their bank account details or thousands of pounds in cash.
Sussex Police has received a series of reports about pensioners across the county being contacted by people claiming to work for other police forces and telling them they almost became the victim of bank fraud.

The gangs convince the victims to hang up the phone and call first the police control room to confirm what they are saying and then their bank.
What the victims do not know is that the fraudsters do not hang up the phone. Instead they pose as police officers and bank staff until they have the victim's bank details.
A courier is then sent to the victim's home to collect their bank card before they withdraw cash or the victim is asked to take out cash to give to the gang to keep safe.
There have been at least 20 attempts to trick vulnerable people out of money in the last week across Sussex.

In the latest two cases that detectives are aware of, an 81-year-old woman was convinced to take &ound;10,000 out of her bank to give to men who said staff at the branch were working with fraudsters to steal from her.
Thankfully bank staff at the branch of Barclays in Bognor Regis were concerned about the withdrawal and raised the alarm after the pensioner was contacted at 10.30am today (Monday 23 December).
At about midday the same scam was tried on an 83-year-old woman in Burgess Hill. She withdrew £6,000 from her bank but then became suspicious, called Sussex Police and was convinced not to hand over any money.

Other attempts have been made in Crawley, Lindfield, Worthing, Crawley Down, Brighton and Copthorne.
Detective Inspector Rob Walker, of West Sussex CID, said: "These people are contacting residents who they believe to be vulnerable and trying to scare them into handing over bank details or cash.

"Some of the victims have only narrowly avoided handing over thousands of pounds to the gang.
"There could be others across the county who have been contacted or who have fallen victim to the gang but are too afraid or ashamed to come forward.
"Please contact us as we need your help to catch those responsible.
"We also need members of the community to be aware that this scam is going on so that they can intervene if they think someone has been duped by the gang.
"We would urge anyone who comes into contact with vulnerable people, including bank staff, taxi drivers and nurses, to contact us if they hear anything at all."
If someone turns up at your home who you are suspicious about call 999 immediately.
Anyone with information should call 101 quoting Op Galvani, email
or call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.
Uploaded 27th December 2013 11:24

There has been a recent incident of removal of metal house name plates from frontage wall pillars in Upper Carlisle Road.
Any other incidents or sightings please report to the Police on 101.
Uploaded 27th Nov 2013 09:39

Beach Clearance
"I have been informed by Neighbourhood First officer, Melanie Buxton that a beach clearance exercise is again to take place on Saturday, 23rd November starting at 10 o'clock.
Should you or any of your family and friends wish to help then please meet at the Western View café at the Wish Tower before 1000.
Roy Peacock Chairman Meads Neighbourhood Panel"

"Police stopped two males (known to them) in a white transit van, whom are currently under suspicion of exhauting money from affluent and elderly under false pretences.
There is no evidence to suggest that they have operated in 'Meads' yet, this is just for information.
The males are white, one in mid sixties one in late twenties/early thirties.
If you have any information or have been/are confronted by these two males, please notify the Police in the interests of others.
Thank you.
Uploaded 20th Nov 2013 22:37:23

"Since Sunday 3rd November there has been several incidents reported of Fly Tipping occurring in Meads Ward.
It has generally been in the form of builders rubble in plastic bags previously containing building materials such as sand.
Usually two bags have been put at the base of a tree, lamp post or sewerage street vent pipe after dark.
The roads involved include St Johns Road, Buxton Road, Paradise Drive and Naomi Close/Carlisle Road junction.

The Neighbourhood First team officers have quickly arranged for the removal by the cleansing contractor.
However, no evidence has been found yet as to where or from whom, it has been removed.

There a several building works being undertaken across Meads on commercial business and residential properties.
Just think it is very likely that the scrupulous builder is charging the client for disposal of the waste materials which should be dealt with in the appropriate way at a waste disposal centre and yet is not doing it, thus saving on the cost. Instead, we are all contributing for its disposal through our council tax.

If you have any information about the fly tipping; know where it could have come from, have seen it being dropped or seen something suspicious, please get in touch with the EBC Customer First Tel : 410000, Neighbourhood First Team officers or me.

Thank you for your help.
Kind regards,

Uploaded 23rd April 2013 11:59

I have now had two calls about the wholesale delivery of a letter and plastic bag from Age UK East Sussex.
Apparently there have been incidents of the package not being pushed right through the letter box and hence remaining on show for too long; a tell tale hint! The charity has been contacted.
They apologised and have contacted the deliverers to re-enforce the need for the package to be put through the letter box and not left on the doorstep. Meads Ward NW Coordinator 01323 647729

Uploaded 14th Nov 2013 13:41

" Disappointingly, there has only been one of three recent Police street meetings that has been well attended. These meetings are an ideal opportunity to make our local Neighbourhood Policing Team members aware of any concerns, issues or other information you may have. There are ongoing problems with cold calls to Meads residents from Antiques dealer(s) and telephone calls from allegedly The Ministry of Justice and lawyers about PPI and Car Accidents.
All should be ignored and no information given unless you fell satisfied to do so."

Uploaded 18th Jan 2013 15:55

This ALERT follows that of a similar one earlier this year.
In that case a man was in a RED Jaguar car.

In these most recent cases, the man has been in a black saloon car; make unknown and registration not seen.
The unreported first incidence occurred some two months ago in Trinity Trees when a man in a black car drew alongside an elderly lady on her way home. He called and said that he knew her; they had met at the Hydro Hotel at a gathering about antiques. Told he was mistaken he drove off in the opposite direction.
On Friday, 30th November this same lady heard from her much older neighbour the following. At about 1430 on 29th November, she had been approached by a man in a large black car in Trinity Place. Apparently, he used the same line/words about antiques and had she any to sell. She told him that she had not seen him before and walked on.
Then at about 1530 on Friday 30th November while waiting for a bus outside Waitrose the same black car and driver drew up and used the same approach. After being told I don't know you he responded with " you must have a double in Eastbourne".
The concern I have in these cases reported to me, is that it is the elderly that have being targeted and these two ladies are very apprehensive and worried. Also, the tactic of the driver seems to be to position the car so that the registration plate is not seen while the vehicle is stationary and is driven off in the reverse direction to that of the pedestrian except the bus stop incident.
I have a snip-it of other information that I'll pass on to the police officers to follow up, but meantime, if you are aware of such incidences or made aware, can we piece information together to help identify who the man may be?

Uploaded 5th Dec 2012 14:04

No. 1 - I have had reports of the Irishmen still calling in the area to offer cleaning of drives and roofs.
In one case the lady of the house felt very intimidated when the man would not accept "NO thank you" several times.
Relenting she asked for his card whereupon he rushed to a WHITE van and was driven off by an accomplice.
No registration number of the van was possible; PCSO Brian Burton has since spoken to the lady about her experience.

ADVICE : Say NO, take any vehicle registration number and inform the Police on 101

No. 2 - In another case a man in a red Jaguar Car stopped an elderly lady, said he was an antiques dealer and asked if she had anything she would like to get rid of. He offered to go into her home to value any of her property. Fortunately she said enough to make him drive off rather smart'ish!
The police were informed of this.

ADVICE : Say NO thank you, take vehicle registration number and inform the Police on101
No. 3 - This concerns repeated telephone calls about computer problems and /or Microsoft Windows.
Using "1471" results in the calling number being "00301". Using Google search it appears that as early as 2008 reports/questions refer to the same number and the same approach.

ADVICE : I seem to have stopped these type of calls by saying to the caller ' we are on a Telephone Preference Service, could I speak to your Supervisor/Manager please '. Tell any of them that they should refrain from calling because of it OR otherwise you would have a check made of their number wherever it is. They are not to know that it might not be possible BUT in some cases it may be possible if certain action is taken by the service provider.

Roy Peacock
Meads Ward NW Coordinator

Uploaded 27th Oct 2012 11:20

Another Credit card scam
There is a new and clever credit card scam - be wary of those who come bearing gifts.
Please use this as you see fit but let your family and friends know about it. There has been something like it in the past.
This scam is supposed to have happened to someone a week or so ago in St. Albans. It may well now be happening anywhere else in the country.
It works like this: You receive a phone call from someone who tells you that that they are from some outfit called "Express Couriers", asks if you are going to be home because there is a package for you, and the caller says that the delivery will arrive in roughly an hour. And, sure enough, about an hour later, a Delivery man will turn up with a beautiful basket of flowers and wine.

Intrigued about who would send you such a gift, you enquire as to who the sender was. The deliveryman's reply will be that he is only delivering the gift package. But, allegedly there is a card being sent separately; (unlikely that the card will ever arrive!). There will also be a consignment note with the gift.
The delivery man will then explain that because the gift contains alcohol, there is a 3.00 "delivery charge" as proof that he has actually delivered the package to an adult; not just left it on the doorstep to just be stolen or taken by anyone.
This all sounds plausible but offer to pay him cash, he'll tell you that the company requires payment to be by credit or debit card only so that everything is properly accounted for. To satisfy this requirement the "delivery man" will ask for a card to be swiped on a small mobile card machine which has a small screen and keypad like devices often used in restaurants and pubs. Enter the card's "PIN" and the "security number" and a receipt will be printed out and given to you.

If you do all of this then DO NOT BE SURPRISED in a few days afterwards that your account has been charged/money withdrawn from your credit/debit account. You will have given away the details needed for it to be done.

WARNING: Be wary of accepting any "surprise gift or package", which you neither expected nor personally ordered, especially if it involves any kind of payment as a Condition of receiving the gift or package. Also, never accept anything if you do not personally know and/or there is no proper identification of who the sender is.
Above all, the only time you should give out any personal credit/debit card information is when you yourself initiated the purchase or transaction!
Roy Peacock
Meads Ward NW Coordinator

Uploaded 27th Oct 2012 11:20

Following the ALERT message below...
"Following the ALERT message below, I have been informed of more than 10 cases here in the Meads Ward. There have been others elsewhere. But of interest, I recently heard good news from one of our Meads Coordinators as in the extract of a message from BT to an affected customer that follows;
"BT have been working with the security people on an ongoing investigation. There has been a recent break through and a number of arrests have been made. That's all the information we have at the moment but rest assured we are doing everything that is reasonable possible to ensure that this is stopped.
Kind Regards
Elaine McGovern
Executive Level Complaints"

That this good news is welcome, it may not be the end of this activity. So your vigilance as regards anything untoward going on around BT equipment would be appreciated and anything suspicious should be reported to the Police and ensure you continue checking your land-line telephone Bills."