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When the Meads website sets up a promotional advertising link to a Client website a Google robot prohibition is included. This ensures that the link is interpreted as an advertising link and does not constitute PageRank manipulation. This ensures the Client website maintains its PageRank.
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These may be moderated or shortened.
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From time to time political material will appear particularly at the run up to local and general elections. Registered candidates of all parties are offered free space for comment. As this website has no political affiliations the material that is presented by the candidates is quantitatively balanced.
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Faiths & Groups.
It is intended that all material presented on this website will fall within the bounds of accepted faiths, cause no offence to any community group and be legal. If anyone feels that these ethical targets have not been met and boundaries have been crossed then they should email to the Editor and their concerns and the material will be investigated.
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Eastbourne food Bank About Helping Out 2014
Two trolleys were filled with over £150 worth of Meads Co-op food on Dec 17 and transported to the Eastbourne Food Bank. Included in the donation were many Christmas goodies. Thank you all supporters of the Meads Village website who have made this donation possible.
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Eastbourne food Bank About Helping Out 2013
Two trolleys were filled with 150 of Meads Co-op food on Dec 19 and transported to the Eastbourne Food Bank. Included in the donation were many Christmas goodies. Thank you all supporters of the Meads Village website who have made this donation possible.
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About Helping Out 2012
Priorities changed in 2012, it was decided that hungry Eastbourne families were more directly important than global warming. So in December 2012 the Meads website made its second donation to a local charity sufficient for 25 Christmas Dinners for Eastbourne homeless and poor families.
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About the Green Meads website
Since 2006 the Meads website has contributed each year to The Woodland Trust for the planting of ten trees in East Sussex woodland.

In 2012 due to the East Sussex woodlands being fully planted, trees were planted in Heartwood Forest, St. Albans,Hertfordshire. Due to increased planting charges in 2012 ,funds from the Meads website could support the planting of only four trees this year. This increased our sequestration (absorption and storage) over time by 0.5 tonne.

In total 64 trees have now been planted by the Meads website. Sufficient for the sequestration (absorption and storage), over time, of 12.5 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. (Woodland Trust figures.)
Improving the view and a tiny knock at CO2 build up.

Green Meads website
Kiln Wood, Blackboys
Green Meads website
Springfield Wood, Salehurst
Green Meads website
Springfield Wood, Salehurst
Green Meads website
Brede High Woods, Sedlescombe
Green Meads website
Springfield Wood, Salehurst
Green Meads website
Springfield Wood, Salehurst
Green Meads website
Heartwood Forest,St. Albans, Hertfordshire
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About the Editor
After reading Open University papers on logic and code (what a brain twister that was!), late into the night, I set up my first piece of html code and the Meads website was born in December 2000.
My project is to promote my favourite village. The shops, pubs, businesses, the local B & B's and all that makes up Meads Village and Meads.
A big thank you to all my clients who have joined the Meads website and have enabled this project.
My name is Christopher Ward and I live in Meads.
Meads website Editor.